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Hey There

Welcome home! There is no place like community there is nothing like being supported, valued and appreciated. Here at Theblkyogitribe we aim to provide an inclusive safe space. 

Get to know us! 

Theblkyogitribe llc was founded in 2021 by Adi Devta Kaur, our lead instructor. She believed in a brand that uplifted the community through awareness. The BLK in our name stands for BREATHING LIVING KNOWLEDGE. Being a blkyogi has nothing to do with your skin and everything to do with your internal makeup. We can't inform the masses enough about that, and continue to lead with grace and kindness. 

We are a yoga and meditation based brand here in Birmingham, Alabama.

We offer holistic healing avenues for all levels. If your journey aligns and our paths cross we are more than happy to share our gifts with you. 

We host yoga trainings that offer CEU's.

We offer retreats.

We host events and have been working with companies to provide an excellent experience through our services. 





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