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3 Ways to Unpack a.k.a "mental organization"

How to hold space for yourself as a leader or teacher.

The 3 topics we're discussing today are

A) Mental

B) Physical

C) Rest

Why do I need to unpack?

Unpacking or "mental organization" will bring clarity over all and increase the quality of life you're currently living. If there has ever been a time where you've just felt extremely overwhelmed or disassociated with your current condition chances are that you need time to unpack some of the load that is weighing you down. Let's talk about some solutions.

Journaling (Mental)

Writing things or creating a vlog of your experiences is so helpful in so many ways. It allows you the creative expression to express whatever you are currently working through. These tools also create a space of reflection which will naturally happen as you write or film the events in your life. Reflection allows you to witness what's happening and what should be happening without judgement.

Other mental unpacking tools : brain dumps, moments of solitude

Movement (Physical)

As a yoga institution we advocate developing a regular practice that you can commit to showing up for. Instead of practicing for one hour once a month try practicing 4 times a week for 15 minutes a day. As you grow and deepen your practice the time will naturally increase. The goal is to start somewhere.

Other physical unpacking tools: walks, hydration of the body, hydrotherapy

Rest (Full body experience)

Rest is essential for a productive life. You can not and let the record reflect NOT run on fumes friend. What is in your cup is for you and what you are meant to share is the overflow but most of the times we miss that part and end up burning out because we've given energy, time, attention etc to others without putting our needs first. You must learn to rest and do NO-THING at all. It can feel difficult if you're always on the go and used to "doing something" or filling your time with "things" to stay productive, but you too can learn to rest.

We talk a lot about how childhood molds our rest environments as adults. If you didn't witness that model growing up and only told to "sit still" only when you were in trouble it makes a lot of sense. Your body is naturally responding to its past conditioning of fear.

That's no excuse to continue the cycle however, on the other side of trauma lives choice and change. We have these traumatic experiences to prepare us for the people that we were called to be and the lives we were destined to live.

Rest must become one of the most essential parts in your success plan or strategy friend.

Other restful unpacking tools: massages, reiki session, restorative yoga

As we close this chapter and before preparing the next one- take an inventory on some of the ways that you currently unpack (mentally organize).


You can watch this podcast live on our youtube channel @THEBLKYOGITRIBE TV



Photos taken by - Inglenook Yoga Studio Photography

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