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We are Birmingham Alabama's very first Black-Owned Yoga Studio, Inglenook Yoga. We offer a 200-Hour Full Spectrum Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and continued education Restorative and Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training programs accredited by the National Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of our programs graduates are then able to teach safe and accessible yoga classes.

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Our 530 sq. ft. yoga studio feels like home because it is a place to call home for so many underrepresented individuals seeking wellness. With over 200+ donors we were able to raise $20,000 on our GoFundMe campaign to renovate our Inglenook Yoga space. We opened our doors for the very first time November 21st, 2023 with so many friends and family there to witness our collective milestone. 


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Since opening we've made it our business to host weekly classes based on the feedback that our community provides including Gentle Yoga on Monday evenings at 6:15 pm, Restorative Yoga on Tuesday's at 6:30 pm and Thursday's at 7:00 pm, and our weekly 'Wind-Down Wednesday' Sound Bath experience at 6:30 pm cst. We provide all of the tools so you won't need to bring anything to class except for an open heart and mind. 

We are continuing to upgrade our indoor and outdoor Oasis with add-ons like the Zen Garden Koi fish pond where our two Koi fish Oshun (orange) and Shango (white spotted) are steadily growing! Our garden continues to sprout giving harvest of tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, lemon grass, oregano, basil. rosemary, yarrow, lemon balm, Chinese forget me nots, and so many other yummy treats! With your continued support through merch sales, weekly group and private sessions, trainings, workshops, and coaching we are continuing to make the dream a vision. 

Biz. G, RYT 200-HR

"My experience of the 200-hour YTT with the BLKYOGITRIBE was transformative in the best way. The program design and delivery were thoughtful, inclusive, extensive and comprehensive. The curriculum and the adaptive nature through which they were presented, were trauma-informed and asset-based in ways that invited all students to meet the challenges that emerged with true support and guidance. I appreciated being trained through strong fundamentals and with vital tools that prepared us to teach and manage our professional yoga life in alignment with the tenets of yoga and our commitments. The rich learning set up me to create safe, powerful yoga experiences for students and meet them where they are. Through this training, my asana, meditation and pranayama capacities elevated in quality, consistency, clarity. I have built relationships with other students that are rich, supportive and help me stay accountable to my goals and commitments."

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We host an annual community yoga event during the mental health awareness month of May, Melanin Mala bringing out hundreds of community members from all over. The Melanin Mala Project is a community celebration that is FREE to the community with help from sponsorship, event merchandise, friends, and family. 

To become a sponsor or make a donation please contact

 We offer private coaching and mentorship. Our programs cater specifically to the individuals' growing needs making our success rate 10/10.  

You can access our coaching programs HERE

Reiki Level I- III Attunements and Certifications are Available 

*Please email to set up your attunement* 

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We are available for corporate wellness events, workshops, and retreats. Please email with all business related inquiries. Please fill out our event application form HERE 


Q: How much are your yoga classes?

A: $20 for group yoga classes, $15 for sound bath classes. Our reward system allows students the opportunity to earn points off their next class or merch purchase.

Q: What is the best class for a beginner?

A: At this time all of our classes are suited for beginners. If you want a more movement centered practice we suggest you sign up for the Gentle Yoga classes on Monday evenings but if you'd like a stillness practice we suggest going with the Restorative Yoga sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the Inglenook neighborhood. Our studio entrance and parking is on the 42nd Ave North Alley. The gps will bring you to the front but we are located around back. Look for the cabana lights, our sign and our mural.

Q: Do you offer private yoga sessions?

A: Yes by appointment only. Please contact us directly to schedule your appointment by calling 205-585-9579 Monday -Friday 9:00 am - 5 pm 

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