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As a health conscious consumer and business owner it was a pleasure to work with her. Her sound healing soothes the soul. Work ethic, organization and burst of energies is second to none.

Fevers Grill and Juice Bar

Such a great experience! It was my first time doing a yoga class outside and we couldn’t have picked a better instructor or a prettier day to do it! I have never felt so relaxed after a yoga class and recommend theblkyogi to all who are pros or beginners. She was very patient and understanding and I really appreciated her energy!

Ashley Gooden

This woman is one of the most beautiful spirits I've ever met! Her yoga class really helped me with anxiety, mental health
and pregnancy. Also Adi has great energy and the most prettiest smile, that you can't help, but to feel better when you leave her class. Thanks Adi, you will forever be my most favorite Yoga teacher.

Gabrielle Thomas

I deal with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.
I'm Always looking for affirming ways to take care of my mental health, and Adi is an understanding and delightful instructor/Yogi.
She cares about your individual journey and adjustment to the different postures and positions.

Kevin T.

Where do I begin? This Goddess is an awesome individual who is blessed with a gift. This is my second Yoga session with her and I was gifted a Sound Bath session w/ Reki Healing and wooooow is all I can say! It's always a beautiful experience and I'm glad my first yoga instructor is her!!

LaShandra Randall

Adi is such an amazing spirit and teacher! I been on my yoga journey for about 2-3 years and Adi has been right there beside me - as a awesome teacher and friend. I have experienced Adi's freedom and talented yoga expression from The Hub to traveling to India to strengthen her yoga practice and overall self healing. Adi is dedicated to her yoga practice and the comfort and well being of your yoga practice as well. Adi takes time to understand you, your flow, and the healing that you and your body deserves

Teryy M

Our session together was very soul healing and wonderful. She knew how to adjust my posture even though we were having a virtual session, which is always a sign that I am dealing with a very knowledgeable yogini. I started the session a little stressed and ended the session very peaceful. Her spirit is soul cleansing!

Starr Dunigan

Adi, is a very good teacher and welcomes everyone. She makes yoga accessible to any one, at any skill level with any body type and any gender or ethnicity as well as age.( Your never too young or old to do it and if needed you can do yoga in a chair) She also makes sure you can take the class on Sundays for free if financially things are tight. But also she gratefully accepts donations to her cash app. So if you are able please support her financially, as this is her job and dream to keep growing her yoga programs. Don't be afraid to try yoga yourself... And reach out to her she offers group sessions, one on one sessions, and zoom sessions so truly no excuse

Celeste Pfau

This was a very calming and peaceful session. Yogi was great. She made sure to turn in ways so all ppl in the group could see from different directions and also walked around with the singing bowl (my favorite part). At the end of the class she spoke with ppl individually. She also pulled out things from her trip to India that were for sale. The class is free, but donations are welcomed! And s/o to Berry and all the guys and gals on the drums. I enjoyed every inch of this class! 
Updated June 10th, 2021
Honestly I didn’t see a mat actually becoming apart of my life! Adi has show me how to love on myself. She’s shown me the importance of being honest with yourself and then not beating yourself up for making a mistake. This one thing set off a chain of events. I meditate and practice yoga regularly now. I also stopped smoking tobacco, eat a little cleaner and have started working out with someone that I met in Ms.Adi’s Sunday funday class. Her handle on Instagram is @Fitbyblee_. I believe by learning to begin to forgive myself was just the start! Thank you Adi 

Tic Williams

Finding a space where people of color can practice yoga safely and comfortable is sometimes difficult. This area of fitness is not a common place for us. Theblkyogitribe has made it possible for this to happen though. I cannot say I’ve personally visited their classes, but I had the opportunity to participate in their online yoga challenge. They are very supportive, informative, and accepting throughout the challenge. The energy I felt from them via online as we completed a 21 day yoga challenge was real. If I ever get the opportunity to visit a class in person (I’m in FL and they are based in AL), I will definitely take advantage. Please do yourself a favor and give them a try. Your mind and body will thank you!!

Le'Danjeanette Fraizer

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