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The power of community

The power of community is unmatched. We want to start off by saying a huge thanks to all of our supporters, friends, and family that are actively supporting the studio renovations. We currently have over 200 donors and are at 25% of our goal. We now have $15,000 to raise in the plan of opening up the first black-owned yoga studio in Birmingham, Alabama. We have been asked many times when will the studio be opened and our goal is to open by the spring of 2023. With rapid support and the body of our community sta

nding with us, we have no doubts that this will happen. If you or anyone you know writes grants for projects like this please send them our way via email [] W

What this studio represents is access. We have been deprived as a collective of spaces that cater to people of color and the studio being built represents access to our people. The studio not only houses our events and yoga

socials, but it is also a way to allow other teachers of color that have been denied employment at white-owned spaces the opportunity to share.

We've had the opportunity to fellowship with many instructors that are just as excited to teach as they are to be surrounded by folks that make them feel appreciated, seen, valued, heard, and respected. Our key principle is Respect. We base our mission and goals on the yamas and niyamas of yoga. With respect to Satya, we speak our truths about the division in moderation.

There has not been a better time than now to work together to make this studio a standing vessel full of support, love, and community. As

we continue to fundraise we ask that you all do your part in sharing the gofundme in support of the movement. We believe that the collective can go far with all hands on deck.

Our ask today is that you give $1 [or more if you ha

ve it] to our cash app, Venmo, or PayPal.

$theblkyogitribellc / Paypal :

Are you into podcasts? Would you like to be a guest on our show? Let us know your story on the Breathing Living Knowledge show. Check out our podcast on Spotify and anchor.


Until next time everyone stay safe, have a joyful holiday, and always be good to yourself.

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