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A Proverbs lens.

Happy international yoga day.

All over the world people are gathering for an opportunity to enrich themselves in the mindfulness practice of yoga.

We brought in this day with the morning show Talk Alabama ABC 33/40 sharing breathing techniques and the importance of a constant yoga practice.

It was such a great honor to represent Inglenook Yoga as Birminghams first black owned yoga studio worldwide.

The show host gets a 10/10 every time because he found me a fan to dry the gray shirt that I wore that showed my underarms sweating.

Yikes, I wasn’t expecting it to happen that way… I didn’t feel nervous because International Yoga Day was last one the doc and I was able to watch everyone else before me.

Overall it was great to be back in the building with that sweaty shirt and all, ha.

The day continued with a special 20% off purchase code (only good for 6/21) in collaboration with Hugger Mugger followed by a LIVE restorative yoga class.

I’ll leave by sharing a testimony…

I was speaking with my Aunt Porcia in regards to how I was processing all of the change throughout the renovation process and she shared with me a powerful verse Proverbs 18:16, it talks about how your gift will bring you before great men.

She already saw the ending and was able to empower me along the way. I am so appreciative for my support system wide and far.

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