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It sounds like "freedom"

I can't begin to express how coming in contact with sound bowls changed my life. It also confirms when something is meant for you it will find its way to you, no matter what.

I came into contact with sound bowls many years ago, but owning my own wasn't a thing mainly because at the time, I didn't understand the difference between just "buying" stuff and making "investments" into things.

I owned the metal sound bowls before I owned a set. My very first sound bowl was so cute and made of copper. I found a larger one from the EarthBound store that was massive compared to my first one.

I love hearing Brittney talk about her experience with the sound bowl at Sunday Funday in East Lake Park around the time we met "It was an out-of-body experience" she said. Fast forward and Brittney has sound bowls of her own and is signed up for the workshop this weekend for sound facilitators.

Later I invested in the full crystal sound bath set that included 7 chakra singing bowls and the mallet to play them. I was so stoked. At first, I hit the bowls to make them ring, (*do not do this folks*) but then I got some feedback at one of my sound baths that made me better.

I took that feedback and revamped how I used the instruments to provide the most relaxing space possible. I made small improvements that propelled me to a higher level in my offerings. I am forever grateful for that feedback.

What about you? Are you open to feedback or do you shut down? Does it sound like an opportunity to do better or a critique to you? Are you taking into consideration the message and not just the messenger?

Let me know in the comments I would love to hear how you navigate through spaces surrounding verbal or nonverbal feedback in your life.

I want to end this by sharing my testimony and why music and sound baths are so important to me. I was battling with addiction for some time. I'd seen other people cope with stress this way and unfortunately, I ended up picking up the nicotine.

For many years I struggled with being a closet smoker and it wasn't until I started teaching yoga and practicing that it truly began to weigh heavy on my consciousness.

I tried everything from the gum to the patches and while it did work for some time I eventually went back to smoking again until I decided to change the way that I breathe when I'm stressed. I told myself that the smoking was not "just" smoking but also a time to deep breathe. I told myself that I could replace that with something else and I purchased my very first native flute.

I have been clean ever since and this is something that I am truly honored to share today. It's been exactly one year in April that I haven't picked back up the habit even when being around it a few times and truly had the heart to say NO!

While I know that a perfect picture can sometimes be painted of yoga teachers or even your favorite person that you admire, I want you to leave this message knowing that we are all human. The higher you place "me" or whatever person on the pedestal the harder that human disappointment fall will be.

Now that "Sounds Like Freedom" to me!

Thank you for reading and relating.


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