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Let the iron sharpen me.

There's a great saying that says "The iron sharpens the iron" and I interpret that phrase to mean that we strengthen each other. I hear the need for bonding and community or unity when that phrase comes to mind.

If I appear to be human it is because I am.


Everything that I know I've learned and I have had some pretty incredible teachers along the way. There were lessons that I needed to learn the "hard" way and others that came easy to me, like yoga and meditation for instance.

I want to remind you that the same agitation that you feel or have felt sitting still in meditation has happened to me as well. I too have struggled to sit in a posture and hold it without shaking and sweating. I too was where you are and you know what I let the iron do? I let it sharpen me.

I found yoga at a time when I truly felt empty-handed, can you relate? I didn't have much going on for myself and there were a lot of things that were unresolved and compartmentalized from my past that I allowed to keep me stagnant and at a standstill.

The first yoga class I attended I cried in savasana. Now if you've never taken a yoga class just know that savasana (pronounced sah-vah-sah-nah) is the last pose that's done at the very end of the class. It is where you lay on your back and be completely still like a corpse.

This pose is used for integration and reflection. I had never moved my body in this way. My chest opened and my eyes filled with tears. My hips screamed out to me and I silently wept.

This was the very first experience that led me to become the first black-owned yoga studio owner in Birmingham, Alabama years later. I know that if I was holding things in and not processing them there were people like me doing the same thing. I knew that if I made it out on top I could clear the path for someone else to do the same.

I offer peace of mind from my perspective, let the iron sharpen the iron --- come see me on the mat virtually or in person sometime shortly. You deserve safe spaces to process, digest, and decompress and Inglenook Yoga provides that.

If you have any questions or want to share with us all please leave a comment otherwise feel free to pop in and introduce yourself and where you're from! :)




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