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Sun Sign Shining Bright As Can BE!

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the man who put Inglenook Yoga Studio on the map, Vic.

He is the complete mastermind behind the studio's blueprint and renovation design with over 20 years spent in construction.

On November 21st, 2023 he gave the city something to be proud of, remember - its very first Black Owned Yoga School/Studio while working a full-time job at Coke Cola.

Our fundraising campaign did numbers (raising $20,000) and we owe special thanks to the donors who gave from the largest to the smallest donation and everything in between. Special thanks to those of you who came out to put in some physical labor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We re-opened our doors in January and have had a revolving door of new and eager-to-learn yogis and yogi enthusiasts since. One of the most rewarding moments was a class that was booked out for an entire family - Mom, Dad, (2) Children, and Grandma.

That is what Inglenook Yoga Studio was created for and we are eternally grateful to serve you.

The space has been opened and we've been doing a pretty good job at letting new members know that our building is located in the alley of 42nd Ave and to look for the cabana lights at night, but we do see how we could step up our game a bit so that's what we did with this custom design banner from Vistaprint!

At the time of publishing this post, our sign is now up on the rear of our building which is also the main entrance to the compound. We are also working with artist E.L Chisolm on a mural piece, stay tuned for that update by following our socials @theblkyogitribe.


Make sure that you are subscribed to the email list where regular updates are sent for classes, events, workshops, and other NEW NEW news ---- like our June Community Wellness Series on Sundays @5pm cst.

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