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What are you planting for the shower?

Spring is here, where are you? While the seasons are changing have you ever stopped to think about what is changing or staying the same with you? Have you taken time to “spring clean” old emotions, energy, or thoughts that no longer serve you? Have you taken the time to spring clean your heart space? If not today is the day that you are encouraged to do so. This is a simple task that not only will help you but will also help you be fully present in spaces. If you are holding on to old things that may be last season, how does that truly benefit you in this season now? The time to be great is now. The time to be present is now. The past and the future are both dressed up as the present, do not be fooled. We share this information in hopes of helping those that wish to live life to the fullest.

Have you ever heard of the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness?” Well, it still holds to be true. You are not a god because you are clean, you are clean because you are a god body. We are all made in an image of the likeness of creation. Cleaning up the mind helps keep us on the path of the journey that we have ahead of us. Wouldn’t it be nice to swim in clean water? To think thoughts that are aligned and without fear? To think and do things that empower you and others around starts with having a clear space to do so. Our thoughts create things.

It’s time to get active in your cleaning process. Take some time to decompress. Instead of reaching for the phone to “check” notifications or anything in the outside world takes just 5 minutes to breathe, reflect, or journal. Take a moment to meditate and center your mind on an intention. This helps to create the atmosphere moving forward in your day. Imagine if every day before you checked in with the world you set an intention that if today is your last day are you going to make it the best. No matter what comes to you on the opposite end of the spectrum you are prepared and no longer reactionary.

This takes conscious effort and personal discipline that we know you have inside of you. If you are looking for a bit of support check out the podcast supporting this blog! We are on social media and love hearing from you there. Please find us on all platforms @theblkyogitribe

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