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Why should you join the training in September 2023?

Restorative Yoga is an excellent choice for any level practitioner. The need for rest, rejuvenation, and restoration is universal, making this practice a no-brainer.

One of the main distinguishers in this practice is the props like blankets, blocks, bolsters, eye bags, and straps to help the body find relaxation quicker and stay there.

Restorative Yoga teaches, "Just because you are doing nothing doesn't mean nothing is happening." It is practiced in stillness and helps us learn to immobilize without fear.

Photo used from Jessica (graduate of our restorative yoga program)

With our nervous systems on constant alert, we must make space, time, and regularity for a daily decompress ritual or routine. Roll out your mat and grab your favorite blanket and pillow. Restorative Yoga, created by BKS Iyengar in India, has transformed into a growing practice of rest and self-care in the West today.

In our hands-on three-day training you will learn the technical and practical practice of Restorative Yoga. The course is taught to allow for open discussion and feedback from students and the instructor.

We provide all of the necessary learning materials and daily chai is provided complimentary. We've certified 20+ restorative yoga instructors [2023] with the tools and experience needed to start a healing journey and to hold space for the community.

We run our training quarterly with limited seating, will you be in the next one? We have space for 2 more students.

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