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3 Mistakes I Made That Cost Us Thousands in Revenue

We're building and that takes time. When building you will make mistakes-that builds character. As a young, first time business owner there are alot of things I learned on the go that could have been avoided with the right mentor, coach, leadership or guide.

Today I want to be that for you through this offering.

Money is just a tool the way that a fork is used for salad instead of a spoon. The exchange of currency is energy. Everything that you do is an energy exchange. You are always in flow of giving and receiving energy.

Here are a list of mistakes that can be avoided (watch the full episode)

  1. Not collecting emails to connect with warm leads.

  2. Charging too little.

  3. Worrying about the vanity of likes, comments, followers etc.

Are you interested in working one on one with me? Let's get started I'm ready to help.

My best,


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