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(Are you thinking about giving up?) AVOID BURNOUT in 2024

This message is for anyone who has assumed the role of holding space for a collective body of work or people.

Have you ever been in the space where you thought you should just end your current "service acts" or role in the community? We've all be there once or twice (or maybe many more than that) and thats ok too. Today's message is to remind you of the purpose whenever things come up to distract you from your life's promises. If you enjoy, consider passing along this information! :)

Avoiding burnout tip #1

Remember the why?

Yes, often times we need to be reminded of why in the heck we started x or what was the train of thought and mission behind x to keep the passion alive. When things aren't moving as planned or setbacks and circumstances bring you to a point of despair remembering the why is extremely helpful. Why is what brought you to x and why will determine your place in your race.

How do I find my why? Great question and here are a few questions to ask yourself NOW!

The first question who did you originally want to show up and serve?

The second question what about x can you do without receiving compensation (monetary) that would still bring you joy?

Avoiding burnout tip #2

Realign with your why.

How can you show up to serve? That's a question that you should ponder before showing up to facilitate or lead any part of your business. Serving and being valuable is what will bring you community and compensation 10 fold. Earning money is the result of providing value. When you show up to "serve" (with hopefully valuable information because you've tested your audience and know what they want) you provide value to your audience and community that you serve. Ask yourself what "pain points" do I solve or alleviate?

One tip that is a bonus is to focus more on the WINS than the "when" (@coachvalj on IG).

Avoiding burnout tip #3

Get creative with your ask or message

Re-frame or re-image your message in a new perspective. This could include surveying a group of people anonymously or even new market research. Operating in an old or outdated system is an easy gateway to burnout.

Heres what we suggest:

-Insights and data - start checking your insights from your content platform post.

-Testimonials - really listen to the people that show up to share space and time with you, that is your greatest teacher.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful for sure and as always, you can find a video and audio of this message @Theblkyogitribe TV (on Spotify podcast) or @Theblkyogitribe TV (youtube channel)

Until next time, TBYT xo

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