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How to pick the “best” yoga mat for 1st-time yogis.

The first thing worth mentioning is that the best is truly subjective and is up to the direct needs of a practitioner. This blog is neither sponsored nor endorsed by any of the brands mentioned today, we are sharing in good faith :) Follow us on ig for the visual video to go with this blog. @theblkyogitribe

Comfort over Cost

Now, before we get into some of these mats and the cost we want you to keep an abundant mindset and stay open. Often times people ask questions like “Why would I pay $100 for a yoga mat” and to that our natural response is “Why not?”

The reality is we invest (not spend) in what we truly care about or find value in. We invest in things that will bring us a return on investment. We invest in effective and ineffective things every single day but as soon as it's not something that is desirable to you it then becomes “Why would you do XYZ…” Take the most expensive thing that you own and then remember that there is someone in the world that does not find value in it at all but it doesn't mean it

losses its value and that's the point.

Now, for our first mat on the list we arrive at the Lululemon brand. You can find a Lululemon mat between $88 - $100 on the low end and sometimes they have sales when they can be found at a discounted price. Sidenote, all teachers receive 20% off purchases through the Sweat Collective. Apply online.

If you are one that sweats during your practice or have sweaty palms naturally then this is the mat choice for you! It has a rubber wick water-resistant grip and it actually absorbs more as you sweat! These mats have been one of our go-to’s over the years after we were introduced by a former teacher and guru Rob Gingwright mentioned the brand. He also mentions it for this reason. He practices and teaches from the Ashtanga lineage and tends to experience a higher perspiration rate.

The next mat that we recommend is the liforme mat. This mat is excellent if you are working on alignment in your practice. This mat has a standard set of lines but the greatest gift of all, it has a center line that lets you know in reference to the center you are. This mat is excellent for the beginning Ashtanga practitioner. We have this mat in a travel one and it is a bit on the thinner side because of travelling purposes but they do offer mats in thicker measurements and they come with a very quality sturdy carrying case. 10/10 stars for sure.

We saved the “best” for last, Manduka Yoga is hands down our #1 go-to mat and we absolutely love the fact that they are an inclusive action-oriented brand. We now own 10 of their mats thanks to some excellent karma *hugs* Manduka mats are versatile in size and style of practice. We love the thickness of them making them perfect for trauma-informed, kundalini, restorative, and floor-based practices. These mats have a cushion and the quality is a 10/10.

Sunday funday | Photography: Bomani

Now, it is up to you to decide which mat speaks to you most. If you need any additional resources check out our virtual yoga studio! @theblkyogitribe

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