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There are really ONLY 3 ways to get through a really bad day and they are...

The first way to get through a bad day is to first realize that it is just that, a day or moment in time that will soon pass. Often we can get stuck on the instance that happened and freeze ourselves in time allowing the rest of the day and other moments that could have very well brought great joy pass us by. If we would simply take a moment to reframe what is happening and realize that if you continue to fixate on everything that is going wrong that is all that you will see.

Try asking yourself something like “How is this the best thing that has ever happened to me” the next time you are experiencing a bad day or moment. When you use mindfulness to come back into the present moment you are reminded of lessons that may bring you closer or further from peace. Some lessons are only learned in stillness and often “bad” days bring us to a STOP or stillness, the “lesson” that could have been trying to reveal itself to you all along. When you ask yourself how it's the best thing that has happened to you it allows you to see the other side of the situation. It always you to shift your perspective and honesty friends, that’s usually all it takes. Now, let's move to the second reason that brought you here today.

The second way is the most effective combined with habitual practice and that’s journaling. Yes, you must get what’s in your head out of your head and out of your body. You’ve seen what happens to carbonated drinks when shaken and that top comes off, right? The sh*t can get messy and we don’t like that. Can you take a moment to visualize your emotions as the contents of the carbonated drink and you as the container? What do you think happens to you when and if you hold things for too long? That is a rhetorical question because you know what happens but judgment isn’t the approach, mindfulness is.

Take a moment and journal. A great quote we came across some time ago was “Journal, the paper has more patience than people do” [unknown]; that is so true on so many levels. The paper just appears without judgment. The paper is solid or blank and waits for you to unfold, dump, or simply recollect without judgment or fear. Journaling is the best way to communicate with your past, present and future selves. How? Well, when you journal your feelings, thoughts, or ideas you are speaking in the present tense and you can manifest where you want to be which allows you to speak to your future self. When you come back to view your entry you guessed it friends you will speak to your past self A past version of you that no longer exist. Journaling combined with meditation, breathwork, and movement can and will help you manage and hopefully have less frequent bad days but that’s not all we have one more tip. Read on!

The third and final way is to get in or near some moving water. Water holds a certain frequency and most importantly water holds memory. You may or may not know this but you are made of 70% water and that also holds memory. Our feelings show us how receptive we are to the “flow” and we can be reminded of the fluidity of life by water and all of the teachings it brings. When you speak life over water the molecules organize in a specific way and that has been proven time after time. A good way to get rid of the day's stress is to go by a moving body of water and gaze into the water. Allow your thoughts or feelings about that day to drift away with the current and movement of the water that you’re visiting.

The next step would be to get into this body of water if it is safe to do so. The same effect happens but on a deeper level. There is something about getting into a body of moving water that energizes and pleases the aura and we hope that you’re able to experience that if it's something that is in your path. Try taking a shower if none of these sound feasible to you. Speak affirmations over yourself and affirm “I am happy I am whole” Affirm yourself “Peace of mind. Comes piece by piece.” You have the power to change the way that you respond to life teaching you new things in a more mindful way.

We hope that these words will inspire you to try new things, let us know your favorite tip in the comments.

P.s, if you have a different way we would love for you to share your favorite way to get through a tough day :)

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