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What is the #1 Reason to experience a Trauma Informed Yoga Class as a Trauma Survivor?

Buzzing, really?

In the year 2023, people are exploring their mental health like never before. The buzzwords are mindfulness, meditation, trauma, triggers, and other things that were once closeted. Shame, guilt, and a plethora of other negative emotions are a direct result of suppressing your feelings and lived experiences.

If you’ve ever read “The Body Keeps Score” then you are well aware of the many ways that we as people experience, cope, and heal from traumatic experiences. Pick up that book or audio recording on

What is the difference between a trauma-informed yoga class and a regular yoga class?

The main difference in our experience is the language used in TI classes, it's less of a direction and more of an invitational environment.

We as trauma-informed yoga instructors are holding the space and safe container for students to have an unbiased experience.

In a regular yoga class students are often encouraged to “push through” or to keep going to the next asana [pose] but in trauma-informed classes, it is much different. It’s more like “If you feel like moving or we invite you to explore the depths of this asana [posture]” and if simply lying in savasana is how you show up today it's perfectly normal and natural. We promote and normalize emotional responses and releases. This includes crying, gas, belching, laughter, etc.

People often refer to this as a “breakdown” but it is not a breakdown it is an emotional release from trying to hold on to things that our bodies naturally want to release. We as humans can harbor feelings, past or present emotions, and experiences that cloud our judgment and leave us off balance. When we live a more holistic lifestyle we nourish every emotion good, bad, or indifferent.

The number one reason to take a trauma-informed yoga class with THEBLKYOGITRIBE LLC. Is to be seen, heard, and valued as more than just your “traumatic experience” and to be seen as your highest self, peeling back layers of old to uncover you that is ready to emerge!

We had a mentor repeat this mantra to us some time ago that we wish to end we welcome you to adapt it if it will serve you “On the other side of trauma is choice.”

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