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Young Mental Health Therapist talks about the bridge between yoga and mental healthcare in 2023

His message is direct and easy to digest

Photography: Bomani/OpenJar MMP23

His message is direct and easy to digest, he's what some would call new age and what we would call "authentic".

We had a chance to view his perspective during #blackhistory month when he and Adi were both featured on the same news clip with WVTM 13, Bautista. (Watch the clip)

The things he said during that interview got us curious so Adi set up an interview with him to find out more. You can see that clip here:

Our biggest takeaway from The Man in the Durag is that it's natural and normal not to be ok. Seeking help is a normal part of life and one shouldn't be ashamed or feel guilt around that.

McClain has continued to show up for us by attending our 2nd Annual Melanin Mala Project in May and supporting the renovation by donating to our $20,000 GoFundMe.

He's someone we would recommend 10/10. Find him on Linked In and Instagram.

Want to know more recommendations leave us a comment in our thread or email us at and let us know your thoughts. If you'd like an opportunity to be highlighted in our blog that goes out to our growing network comment below for the chance to be featured.

Til next time folks, breathe EASY!

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