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Find out the #1 reason people don't meditate regularly...

Breathing is fundamental yet it is often taken advantage of. Often times we will practice backwards breathing causing more stress and tension for the body. Yes, you are probably breathing shallowly right now, let’s find out!

Take your hand and put it on your belly button. Take 3 deep breaths in and out.

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Notice the rise and fall of your navel center.

How is it moving on your inhale? If you answered that on your inhale your belly moves downward you are in fact shallow breathing and today you will learn to breathe with intention and awareness. When inhaling, your belly should expand and when exhaling your belly should contract and move inward. When first learning, it is best to practice this while in savasana to get the most effects. Just sit, witness, and record your breath.

[Photo of Adrina Bradford, Bomani @ Sunday Funday]

Why it’s important?

When you aren’t getting enough oxygen to the brain what happens? A lot happens and a lot does not happen all at the same time. It's giving survival mode.

It looks like being the aggressor. It looks like irrational decisions. It looks like forgetfulness. It looks ill-tempered. It looks like fear.

A lot is happening also with the inside of your body. Our breath is not only filling but it is also sustaining and vital for the cleansing of our system.

We practice Nadi Shodan to cleanse the Nadis (pathway) purifying the body. Nadi Shodhan is the purification of the channels or pathways in our chakra system. Our breath is literally helping us.

[Check out a class flow with one of our graduates]

If you’ve ever been told to take a deep breath you get it.

  • Clenched jaw

  • Tense tongue

  • Tight abdomen muscles

What can we do to change?

Start by creating just 2 minutes to breathe daily. There should be no emphasis placed on the duration in the beginning as much as the constant behavior. It is better to do something more times (2 minutes every day) than something one time for a long time (30-minute meditation once every 2 years inserts *wink* ) You get it right? Build that muscle and then strengthen it.

What is the most basic approach?

Start by making it a habit, again we can't stress this enough folks.

In order to make it a habit you must set yourself up for success. Instead of setting your morning alarm on your phone to just say alarm and buzz, take it a step further and name your alarm "wake up & meditate" or “2-minute meditation” “2 minutes to breathe” or anything that reminds you to get up and start your mindfulness practice first thing in the am.

Breathing practices are known as pranayama and are sometimes referred to simply as meditation.

Final thoughts...

Will you go the extra 2-minute mile toward your wellness journey today? Why not start now? Heck, why not tell a friend to join you? Make it a whole thing! "Me and my bestie breathe together" :)

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